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In brief
  • After a couple of years of development, Anderson Entertainment released the Gerry Anderson’s Firestorm pilot minisode to Kickstarter backers, and the response has been absolutely phenomenal! Here’s a small selection of tweets from some of them… The latest in the evolution of puppetry, courtesy of #GerryAndersonsFirestorm! Check us out on FB Twitter: @SF9Firestorm & Instagram @firestormhq@CareyDoddAssos @ShiningVoices #PuppetCoordinator […]

    16 Aug, 2018
  • Anderson Entertainment's official Gerry Anderson Podcast launched this month with a fantastic response from fans of all ages right across the globe. In fact after its initial launch, the podcast was at the #2 spot in Apple's TV & Film podcast chart, just behind Love Island's official podcast. Co-hosted by Richard James and Gerry's younger […]

    14 Jul, 2018


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