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  • On 30th September 1965 Thunderbirds was broadcast in the UK for the very first time... Now, 50 years on, the series is still loved by millions worldwide despite its incredibly short run of just 32 episodes. With the recent CGI reboot by ITV, and the new Thunderbirds 1965 project to create 3 brand new classic episodes, […]

    29 Sep, 2015
  • Gerry Anderson Kickstarter projects on the crowdfunding website Kickstarter have topped half a million pounds since August 2013. Gerry Anderson Kickstarter Projects The two Anderson Entertainment run Kickstarter projects for Gemini Force One (£33,463) and Firestorm (£88,931) have raised £122,394 for the Thunderbirds' creators unfinished projects from over 2000 fans in 50 countries. The Thunderbirds […]

    03 Aug, 2015


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