Gerry Anderson Podcast Launches

Anderson Entertainment's official Gerry Anderson Podcast launched this month with a fantastic response from fans of all ages right across the globe. In fact after its initial launch, the podcast was at the #2 spot in Apple's TV & Film podcast chart, just behind Love Island's official podcast.

Co-hosted by Richard James and Gerry's younger son Jamie Anderson the weekly podcast is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify and a whole host of other locations.

With a mixture of news, listener emails, reviews, special features and interviews the Gerry Anderson podcast aims to engage fans old and new from all over the world with the amazing shows that Gerry Anderson created. Early episodes feature interviews with Sophia Myles (Lady Penelope in the 2004 Thunderbirds movie), comic book artist Lee Sullivan, Ace from Doctor Who - Sophie Aldred; and music legend Gary Numan.

The podcast is the latest element in Anderson Entertainment's online and media presence - with our Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube constantly growing, and our monthly Facebook live broadcast picking up in excess of 30k views per month.

Listen below, or head over to the main Gerry Anderson podcast page on the Gerry Anderson website for more information.


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