A number of Gerry Anderson™ properties are available for Worldwide licensing opportunities. Each Anderson concept features the magical Gerry Anderson touch - that he brought to shows like Thunderbirds, Captain Scarlet, Stingray, and Space:1999 - of bringing imaginative scenarios, vehicles and characters to life: unique designs that are bound to please.  Please contact us for more information.


New Captain Scarlet (2005)

Gerry Anderson's classic cult 1960s TV series, 'Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons' was rebooted as a CGI animated series, using motion-capture CGI instead of puppetry which gave each the characters more freedom and dynamism and enables each episode to be packed with break-neck action and stunning visuals as well as breath-taking scenes, mind-blowing action and dramatic storylines. Each 22-minute episode of Gerry Anderson's New Captain Scarlet packs all the punch of a blockbuster movie.

Terrahawks (1983-1986 & 2015-)

In the year 2020 Earth is under threat from Martian androids who want revenge on the human race. They consist of Zelda, her son Yung-star and her sister called Cy-star. An organisation is set up on Earth called Terrahawks, which is top secret to the rest of the world. This is led by Dr Tiger Ninestein with other characters such as Sergeant Major Zero, Captain Mary Falconer, Captain Kate Kestrel, Lieutenant Hiro and Lieutenant Hawkeye.

Terrahawks Anderson Entertainment

Most recently continued by Big Finish and Anderson Entertainment with 8 brand new audio stories, and a second series of 8 episodes commissioned, Terrahawks continues apace with its renaissance.

Dick Spanner

TV Series (1986)


In a parallel universe to our own, wisecracking robot private detective Dick Spanner becomes involved in a series of increasingly bizarre cases. A wonderful collection of fantastic science fiction characters and vehicles.


Comic strip series (1977)


The adventures of a family travelling through interstellar space featuring the fantastic multi-staged Starcruiser in the best tradtion of a classic Gerry Anderson craft.


Television Series (1983-1984)


Gerry Anderson and Christopher Burr's 1980s series filmed in Supermacromation. Featuring the iconic zeroids as well as a range of fantastic vehicles (Treehawk, Battlehawk, Spacehawk), and incredible alien characters: the show has strong cult following.

The Day After Tomorrow

TV Pilot (1975)


The crew of a lightship are lost in space when the craft is struck by a meteor shower and goes out of control. Featuring the Altares craft that was fashioned after the famous Space 1999 eagle using the same special effects production team.

The Investigator

TV Pilot (1972)


The Investigator, a being from another galaxy, chooses a boy and a girl, John and Julie, to help him right wrongs on Earth, miniaturising them to help them in their missions featuring unique car and boat designs for the puppet characters.

Intergalactic Rescue 4

TV Series Treatment (1978)


Intergalactic rescue 4, piloted by Anne and Jason together with service robots Alpha and Zeta patrol the galaxy on behalf of the League of Planets seeking out distress signals.


Candy & Andy

Comic strip series (1967)


The most unusual Gerry Anderson creation of all time - living puppets Candy and Andy reside with two life-size pandas (Mr & Mrs Bearanda) above a toy shop. Delightfully bizarre!

Space Police

TV Pilot (1986)


After 15 years as a New York street cop, Lt. Brogan is appointed commanding officer of Space Police Precinct 44, an intergalactic police corps fighting organised crime on alien worlds. Featuring spectacular vehicle designs by James Bond special effects director Steve Begg.

Five Star Five

Film script (1977)


Now available: the much anticipated Follow up feature to Space 1999... as seen in Starlog magazine and discussed by Gerry Anderson fans worldwide.


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